Newfoundland's Marine Bio-refinery
- From Sea to Soil -

Shell-Ex provides farmers with bio-refined organic liquid fish, kelp and crustacean shell soil amendments and fertilizers.

Fish by-products from the fresh North Atlantic Ocean are cold processed and stabilized to maximize NPK nutrients, essential amino acids and valuable micronutrients to help your crops grow tasty and strong.

Marine organics rejuvenate worn out soils, stimulating healthy microbial growth that supports improved plant growth and better yields. Plants grown in rich healthy soil taste better and are more resilient.

Explore the benefits our new Fish Hydrolysates, Kelp, and Crustacean shell meals, packaged for commercial farmers and home gardeners. Certified organic by EcoCert Canada, Shell-Ex organics nourish your crops without risk to human health or local water systems.

Our liquid fish, shrimp and crab ingredients are sourced from food grade plants, handled in food grade insulated boxes to maintain peak freshness and processed daily. Liquid fish odor is minimized by accurate pH balancing to stable 3.6.