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I'm passionate about sustainable and better use of our resources, and proud that our Biorefinery diverts tens of thousands of tons per year of greenhouse gas emissions. Our team divert by-products from ocean dumping, creating high nutrient products for food security and soil rejuvenation. It's exciting to realize our vision of a scalable, transferable business model based on biorefining.

Along the way we developed many friendships and partnerships with people and companies that share our values of change and success through innovation. Fishermen willing to change and bring in their by-product. Fishplants willing to accommodate our needs to handle by-product to maintain freshness and quality. I remain grateful and thrilled to work with a talented team in biochemistry, engineering, community development. These final steps in launching a commercial biorefinery are exciting.

We are thrilled to help farmers and growers realize the benefits of "Sea to Soil" and look forward to help rejuvenating soil to create more flavourful, nutritious crops, naturally.

Thanks for visiting our site,

Diane Hollett
Founder, Shell-Ex Bio-Marine