The Bio-Refinery accesses fresh marine by-products and sea plants, processing them gently to retain high nutrient profiles. We have the infrastructure and supply chain to access large volumes of fish byproduct, shrimp, crab and stormcast kelp, and offer farmers high nutrient density organic soil amendments.


Liquid Fish
Shrimp & Crab Shell


Pelletized Shrimp and Kelp


2.85-3-.1: Marine organic Liquid Fish rejuvenates worn out soils, creating healthy microbial growth that supports improved plant growth and better yield

Process: Fresh fish by-product is hydrolyzed with natural enzymes and stabilized with phosphoric acid to target pH 3-5to 3.8. Twice filtered to 80 mesh, the liquid resembles thick chocolate mik and has a mild fish odor. Cold processed liquid fish with natural essential oils intact.

N-P-K: Guaranteed minimum of 2.85% Total Nitrogen (N) 3% phosphorus .1% Soluble Potassium. 2.85-3-.1

Packing Options: Bulk shipments via Tanker trucks, requires bulk tank holding capacity at receiving for 5000 US gallons/28,000 Litres.
5-gallon (20 Litre) and 55 (US) gallon plastic drums

275 US gallon (1045 litres) IBC totes: HDPE plastic cube inside a steel cage on a wood or steel pallet. Stores equivalent of six 55 gallon drums of product in the space requirements of four drums. Totes are re-useable.

Consumer packaging available in one liter and one gallon containers. Contact us for ordering information.
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SHRIMP MEAL Organic Fertilizer

Shrimp meal is a nutrient rich 6-3-.1 organic plant food and soil amendment with 100% slow release nitrogen. Dried to less than 10% moisture, this product is milled and stable, ideal for product formulation or direct application into the soil. Adding Chitin from crustacean shell into the soil provides an added bonus of triggering a special category of "chitinase" enzymes that boosts soil resilience.

Packing Options: Bulk shipments Transport truck, 18ton per load, requires forklift offloading.
Consumer packaging available in seven kg bags and 50lb sacks. Contact is for order information.
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Dried Shrimp Shell "Pandalus borealis"

Chitosan & Glucosamine Ingredient

Pandalus borealis shell is well known in the high end chitosan sector as yielding high quality, high yield of chitin, and the purity of shell is key, as the North Atlantic Ocean remains clean and fresh, unpolluted by heavy metals and toxin that can be found in shrimp harvested from highly industrialized ocean coastlines. Our shell has been used to make top quality medical grade chitosan, with high yield and de-actylation rates from 75% to 99%. We increase yield potential by separating the large flakes (greater than 4mm) from the smaller protein flakes, ensuring good value for the processor.
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We offer a stormcast kelp, predominantly Ascophyllum nodosum. Freshly harvested from beaches before the material composts, we dry it at low heat down to shelf stable condition, 10% moisture, and mill into uniform size. Packaged in big bags, contact us for specifications and sales.
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Pelletized Shrimp and Kelp

Shell and Kelp pellets are a more convenient way to spread onto fields and turf, easier to handle, and a more dense product for cost effective shipping. We are developing formulations to respond to grower needs, contact us to discuss requirements and book an order. We plan to offer this in bulk shipments as big bags and retail packs.
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